360 photo booth platform setup

The first thing that you do is connecting 2 cables inside of platform.

Thread 2 screws through the holes and twist them for connecting the stick.

Wires should be under the platform.

Don't forget to plug platfor to the socket.

Use power bank for charging GoPro.

We connect it with ties.

You can set any angle of stick that you want(we usually use 2 or 3 hole). Please use 2 special screws for it that come in a set.

You can change the height of the stick.

Minimum lenght is 55 cm. Maximum is 153 cm. It's enought for chilrden and adults.

You need to pull little door that closes connectors for taking it off.

There shouldn't be the battery inside of the camera. Connect it by cable to the power bank.

And then to screw the camera on the top of the stick.

If you have the triangle light, then it will look like on the picture.

You can also change the angle of the triangle light and camera.

You need to connect 1 usb to your laptop. Spinner program can work without internet but you will need it for sharing, so use a wi-fi adapter to stay connected to the camera and wi-fi the same time.

This is a remote controller for spinning and recording.

Just plug usb to the laptop.

Right button is for starting spinning and left button for starting recording. (or use only 1 right button if auto start turned on in spinner app-platform tab)

It stops automatically.