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Outdoors shooting with Spinner 360.

Outdoors shootings became much easier now with a possibility of wireless setup.

If you bought the platform after the July 2022, then you'll have a Bluetooth already installed in your platform.

If you bought it before, then we would recommend buying and installing the Bluetooth controller.

In the other case, you can connect the platform to the laptop by cable.

What can you use for charging the platform outdoors:

option 1 NECESPOW 100W Power Bank with AC Outlet Charger

option 2 Camping Battery with Dual 110V/150W AC Outlet

option 3 ( only if you have black top platform) Powkey Portable Power Station

You need 110/220V battery, socket in it. For the black top platform 60W+, for Led 125W+. For it could fit under the platform, it should be less than 22 x 10 x 9 cm (8.6 x 3.9 x 3.5 in).

I really recommend to set maximum and minimum ISO at the same setting and not more than 800 in a GoPro Protune settings. If it's too bright, then set it lower.

Check how to make it:

Photo from our outdoors shooting.

Spinner 360 outdoors shooting in March 2021.

Don't forget that you need to charge your laptop somehow too. You can buy some generator or battery for this.

If you require some additional light sources, then we recommend using Yanguo yn-360 iii. You can use it with batteries and control by our app.

Results in energy saving mode:

Platform has spinned for 12 hours ( 40000 mAh battery)

Triangle light worked for 8 hours (20000 mAh battery)

Yangnuo sources worked for 12 hours ( 6600 mAh battery).

Check our final video:

Good luck on your outdoors shooting)