Unique hardware and software for your events
Unique hardware and software for your events

Photo booth software.

360 photo booth app too!

Photo booth Windows application

Photos, videos, Ai photo, boomerangs, green screen booth, 360 software, robotic arm and even more:
Are you a creative professional looking to harness the power of Windows for your photo booth endeavors? Perhaps you're an event organizer seeking an innovative way to engage attendees. Or maybe you're a photography enthusiast eager to explore new dimensions in capturing memories. The Photo booth application for Windows from Dzen Tech is the transformative solution you've been searching for.
Embark on a journey of limitless creativity with MixUp, the ultimate software designed to transform your events into unforgettable experiences. More than just a photo and video booth companion, MixUp is your ticket to professional-grade content, whether you're capturing stills, creating captivating videos, or orchestrating a 360-degree visual spectacle.
Over 200+ built-in effects
Customers will call you more often, because every time the result will be different
Ai Wizard
Use the power of AI for stunning photos with your guests
Works with 360 booth
360 photo booth - Immersive Photo Experiences for Any Event.
MixUp App works with Gopro cameras and can control the platform.
Free overlay collection
A guest wants something unusual? There are many free mov animations available to our MixUp photo booth software users. Check some of them:

Perfect as Catwalk video booth

Unusual photo zone, where the guest can find himself in real time on the carpet, in another city or even in space
Professional color correction
Color correction filters help make every photo look like the cover of a magazine
Print it!
Connect the printer by cable or wirelessly and print in any format
Works with any camera.
For Canon cameras you only need a cable to connect it to the laptop.
GoPro can work via USB or Wireless connection.
For other DSLR models it's required a special video capture device.
Please ask us about perfect models.
DSLR & Mirrorless
Business in a box
The access letter will come automatically after the purchase.
Everything is ready for your website and social media: professional photos, videos, music, templates and presentations.
MixUp software - ultimate app
You also will have the 360 photo booth mode
Little planet photo booth app
Built-in sharing options, DSLR, GoPro support
Video blog for beginners and live tutorials every week