360 photo booth
360 photo booth - Immersive Photo Experiences for Any Event
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It's the best equipment you can find in the world.

360 photo booth

Automatic platform in 2 sizes
Safe stop
No subscription fees for the software
Wireless or wired option


We use only the best components for the Dzen 360 photo booth, so you can be sure of the equipment at every event. Special brushes will cover all the mechanisms so that nothing happens for sure, and the guests can't see the inside of the booth. No cable setup
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Assembly in 3 minutes
Even 1 person can assemble our booth in just a few minutes. Attach the stick, fix the angle and height. Turn on the light and camera.
In the style of your event
And extensive color customization options will also help you be in the colors of different brands
More attention means more orders
Even in a completely dark room at a party it will be impossible not to notice you

Choose your 360 photo booth

Big 360 photo booth platform for 6 people
360 photo booth platform
We have two versions of the platform for different numbers of people.
The standard platform is perfect for 1 to 4 people. The bigger one can fit 5-6 people.

What fixations come in a set?

Horizontal GoPro fixation
Vertical GoPro fixation
Fixation for any phone
GoPro + Phone fixation
Become a premium vendor
Chroma key
Unique setup with tinsel
Custom backgrounds

Our 360 Photo Booth Features and Benefits

Dzen 360 photo booth app includes 195 effects and comes in a set.
Customers will call you more often, because every time the result will be different.
Free animation collection
A guest wants something unusual? There are many free mov animations available to our 360 photo booth software users. Check some of them:
Control your lights
With this set-up you can work 8-12 hours without electricity
Only our program allows you to control not only the platform, but also the light around it
Use energy saving mode
Local-based 360 app
Don’t rely on cloud services or the internet
Everything is based on your laptop
You can work even during the hurricane
Get more attention
Show the carousel with all the videos on TV
Free sharing from any tablet or using the same laptop
It's easy, helps you to create more videos in 1 hour than sharing from the same device.
You also get contacts of all guests.
You can also use bleepshare, mediashare, picpic social or any other app that you prefer.
Safe stop
Children, rushing teenagers, drunken guests... You can be sure that the equipment is absolutely safe. The special lightweight stick and light will not cause any harm, and the stick will automatically stop.
GoPro or Phone? Any
You can use the 360 video booth with our software or any other. It's integrated with the most popular apps on the market: Snappic and Touchpix.
Supported models:
GoPro 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11 Black
Supported models:
Any that your software vendor works with. It's most of iPhones and Androids.
Snappic \ TouchPix or any other apps
DzenTech Spinner 360 app or any other.
Big set
Recommended set
Most popular sets
Technical support
Collection of overlays, promo videos, etc
Platform size: 34" (for 1-4 people)
Upgrade to the 45” platform (up to 6 people)
Upgrade to the LED platform top
Triangle light
Free SEO optimized website
from $176.75 / month
from $162.88 / month
from $121.32 / month
+ Free Triangle light
All from platform set
All from recommended set
Lifetime software license
Book a spot for personal demonstration
Business in a box
Free website to start immediately.
Everything is ready for your website and social media: professional photos, videos, music, templates and presentations.
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