Creates awesome
slow-mo clips in seconds right at the event. 



Change speed on any part of your video 
Add Branding / Effects / Chromakey
Get final video in seconds

Video Speed

Slice your video up to 12 cuts and control each of them.
Use "autocut" feature to adjuct your video with music.

Visual Effects

Select one of  195 effects. Add video VFX overlay from our private collection.
Make your content trandy.

Customize 360 video

Add audio, video overlay, titles and other stuff to make
your final video awesome.


Advanced chroma key function.

Check out chromakey guide

Background Creator.png


 now it's super easy to create  backgrounds for 360 photo booth.
just use our background creator.
it comes for free with the "360 photo booth software".

3 in 1
Studio App

Create vertical videos.
"360 photo booth booth" with revolving platform 
"Slow-Mo Studio" with a camera on stand
"Tik-Tok booth" for vertical clips with effects.
Use it even without a 360 platform.


It's easy to make juicy video color.
Also try to use *.ACV color profile, professional color grading is easy. 

Hot Folder

Want to make something custom?
Use our render engine with hot folder feature and create content from any high fps camera. 120/240 fps supported.


GoPro Camera 

Start / stop recording,
change FPS and field of view,
synchronize with platform control,
use hotkeys to remote. And use wi-fi autoconnect to make it easy.


We optimize all render algorithms, to increase speed and quality. Rendering usually takes 5-10 seconds. 


360 photo booth software instruction

Compare the quality of Dzen Tech software with others

Watch videos taken with dzen tech 360 photo booth software

 Rendering of these videos took
about 10-15 seconds.

features of our 360 camera booth software


  • GoPro 5/6/7/8/10 Black camera support.

  • Camera recording and settings control.

  • Auto-connect to GoPro cameras.

  • Simple and intuitive interface.

  • Super-fast video processing.

  • Video speed control.

  • DZEN TECH platform control: rotation speed, start/stop, auto connect.

  • Hot folder render.

  • Video effects (VFX) control.

  • Auto video slicer by audio analysis.

  • Hot keys to control platform rotating and camera recording.

  • Test mode without connecting the camera and platform.

  • Lifetime licence for 1 PC. 

  • Free support and updates.

 We create things that surprise people.

render FEATURES:

  • Video speed control.

  • Chromakey feature.

  • 195 video effects (VFX).

  • VFX random mixer. Make every video unique.

  • Auto video slicer by audio analysis.

  • Manual video slicer.

  • Output video rotate settings.

  • Color correction settings.

  • Advanced color correction with Photoshop curves files (*.ACV).

  • Adjustment of the quality of the final video.

  • Auto optimize quality by filesize.

  • Final video in MP4 format, adapted for all mobile devices.

  • Support hardware accelerated video encoding (Intel / Nvidia / AMD) *

* Hardware acceleration of video encoding is supported not by all video cards.

branding FEATURES:

  • Customization for each aspect ratio: 16:9 / 1:1

  • Overlay branding, frames in *.png format.

  • Overlay video effects in *.mov format.

  • Overlay video effects in *.mov format with speed synchronization.

  • Audio branding: add some music in *.mp3 , *.wav format.

  • Add video clip or image with branding (titles) before and after the main video.

SYSTEM requirements:

  • Windows 10 Home / Pro (virtual machines / bootcamp not supported)

  • Intel Core i5 / i7 processor and more powerful 
  • RAM: 8gb DDR3 / 8 and more 
  • Hard Drive: SSD 
  • Intel Iris Graphics 650 / Nvidia GTX 950 or more powerful


Lifetime License: 699$