Unique hardware and software for your events
Unique hardware and software for your events

360 photo booth software

One-time buy. No subscription fees.
The best quality of videos using the 100% of the GoPro's potential.
Check videos taken with it
Chroma key
Simple video with effects
Christmas clips
Built-in 195 effects
Dzen 360 photo booth app includes many effects and comes in a set.
Customers will call you more often, because every time the result will be different.
Free animation collection
A guest wants something unusual? There are many free mov animations available to our 360 photo booth software users. Check some of them:
Built-in music analyzer
Mix the clip
according to your song beat.
Shoot as you wish
Portrait, landscape and square clips
Shoot as you wish
Portrait, landscape and square clips
Local-based app
Don’t rely on cloud services or the internet
Everything is based on your laptop
You can work even during the hurricane
Get more attention
Show the carousel with all the videos on TV
Free sharing from any tablet or using the same laptop
You can also use bleepshare, mediashare, picpic social or any other app that you prefer.
Advanced chroma key
You've never seen the quality of 360 videos like this.
You'll also get a free tool to create animated backgrounds from any picture or video.
Compare the quality of video made with our program and other software
One hundred percent quality
Our main goal is that you can take big events and not be embarrassed for the results. A video like yours will make everyone around you want it.
Business in a box
The access letter will come automatically after the purchase.
Everything is ready for your website and social media: professional photos, videos, music, templates and presentations.
MixUp software - ultimate app
You also will have the usual photo booth mode
Little planet photo booth app
Built-in sharing options, DSLR, GoPro support
Join the community of professionals
Thousands of people are already using our equipment all over the world.
Join our friendly family)