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Buy Robo arm video booth from Dzen Tech - the Ultimate Photo Experience
Buy Robo arm video booth from Dzen Tech - the Ultimate Photo Experience

Robotic arm camera as your affordable cinematic companion

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Gmabot robotic arm for sale


Introducing Glambot, the revolutionary robotic arm that takes your cinematography to new heights. Say goodbye to shaky shots and hello to unparalleled stability, whether you're using professional cameras, iPads, or GoPros.

Current shipping time: ask managers (but no earlier than July 2024)
Explore the Glambot – your gateway to budget-friendly cinematic brilliance.
Considering selling your Glambot? Discover the market and its potential as you join a community of creators who have harnessed the power of Glambot. Dive into user experiences and reviews to understand the real impact of this budget-friendly robotic arm.
Seamlessly control your Glambot with the dedicated app, unlocking advanced features and creative possibilities at your fingertips. Experience cinematography like never before, achieving precision and stability for every shot with the support of Glambot.
Whether it's a glamorous red carpet event, a mesmerizing fashion show, or a lively party, GlamBot ensures every video is a work of art.
Elevate your visual storytelling game with a robotic arm that stands out, capturing the attention of creators worldwide.

Ultimate GlamBot robotic arm
for your events

You can buy GlamBot robotic arm in Dzen Tech photo booth shop.
Glambot photo booth for sale
Glambot redefines on-the-go cinematography with its compact and portable design, breaking free from the constraints of traditional setups. Take your cinematic visions anywhere and capture moments effortlessly.

Mixup-Controlled creative workflow

Glambot is Mixup-controlled, offering a streamlined and intuitive creative workflow. Dive into the world of motion control and dynamic shots with ease.
There also will be other software integrations available.
Why Glambot?
Elevate your cinematography without the hefty price tag. Glambot seamlessly integrates with a variety of cameras, offering creative freedom and versatility. Let Mixup enhance your creative process, exploring dynamic shots and motion-controlled brilliance with ease.
Unlock the potential of Glambot and redefine your cinematic storytelling. Purchase yours today and step into a new era of visual creativity. Explore the possibilities of robotic arm camera.
Glambot is your gateway to budget-friendly cinematic brilliance.

Max arm reach - 975mm (38.4 in)
Max payload - 4 kg (8.8 lb)
Max joint speed - 150 deg/sec
Max speed - 1500 mm/sec (60 in/sec)
Arm weight - 35kg (77 lb)

Supported devices: iPads, Smartphones, GoPro, DSLR cameras

Integrations: MixUp software, Snappic, Touchpix, Curator

Pre-collision safe system built-in. The arm will stop before contacting the object due to special sensors.
Universal compatibility for limitless creativity
Seamlessly integrating with professional cameras, iPads, and GoPros, Glambot transcends the boundaries of a typical GoPro companion. This universal compatibility expands your creative possibilities without limitations.
DSLR & Mirrorless
How to order it?
For now the price is $9900.
It includes the arm with a stand, case, shipping to US, 1 license of MixUp software.
We have a lot of preorders now, so the nearest shipping date will be no earlier than July.
Coming soon.
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