Unique hardware and software for your events
Unique hardware and software for your events

Bullet time photo booth

Cameras can be transported right inside the unit, which means that assembly at the event will take no more than 5 minutes. Assemble the leg, place the section, connect the wires. Done)
In the style of your event
And extensive color customization options will also help you be in the colors of different brands
More attention means more orders
Even in a completely dark room at a party it will be impossible not to notice you
Improve easily

You can always buy an additional section to improve the result. You can assemble up to a full circle of 72 cameras.

Unique 6-camera array version

All cables will be hidden inside the leg
Small, compact, with laptop and monitor mount.
1 person can assemble and carry it
Ready for work: Just insert cameras
Built-in triggers and wires.
A Special Dzen trigger charges cameras and synchronizes them. Only 1 wire will go to the power outlet.
Bullet time video, boomerangs , video + bullet time, and connect a flash light.
Each section fits in a regular car
Even if you have an 18-camera installation, all 3 sections will fit in a regular car. And it takes less than a minute to connect them together.

Works with any software
Breeze, Ksuse, Xangle.
You can select any. Also, you can use any other software that you prefer.
Check final clips
We used Ksuse software to shoot these videos. We prefer to work with it because of its many features and advanced artificial intelligence, which adds extra cameras to the final video to make it look smoother and more professional.
Business in a box
The access letter will come automatically after the purchase.
Everything is ready for your website and social media: professional photos, videos, music, templates and presentations.
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