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Buy photo booth MixUp from Dzen Tech - the Ultimate 3-in-One Photo Experience
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Unique hardware and software for your events

MixUp Photo Booth

Say goodbye to complex setups – assemble your booth in just 5 minutes.
No special tools needed; simplicity meets efficiency.
Effortless Setup in 5 Minutes
Effortless Setup in 3 Minutes
Say goodbye to complex setups – assemble your booth in just 3 minutes.
No special tools needed; simplicity meets efficiency.
MixUp Photo Booth: your gateway to versatile event entertainment
Are you ready to redefine event photography with a touch of innovation and versatility? Look no further – welcome to the MixUp Photo Booth by Dzen Tech. A masterpiece designed to meet the demands of professional photographers, event organizers, and anyone seeking a seamless blend of quality, flexibility, and ease of use.
In style of your event
More attention means more orders
Even in a completely dark room at a party it will be impossible not to notice you
And extensive color customization options will also help you be in the colors of different brands
Who needs this photo booth?
  • Photo booth business owners
    MixUp caters to the dynamic needs of business owners, particularly those in the photo booth industry. Whether you own a booming photo booth business or are just starting, MixUp is designed to exceed expectations. Upgrade to a photo booth that not only meets but anticipates the demands of your clientele. With a wide array of features, MixUp ensures your business stays at the forefront of innovation.
  • Photographers and DJs
    Photographers and DJs, don't miss out on the opportunity to diversify your offerings. MixUp Photo Booth seamlessly integrates into your existing services, becoming a compelling addition to weddings, parties, and events. Elevate your photography business by providing clients with a unique and interactive experience. DJs can turn events into memorable occasions with MixUp, offering more than just music.
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
    Dreaming of starting your own business but hesitant due to high startup costs? MixUp Photo Booth is the ideal solution. This budget-friendly option allows you to venture into entrepreneurship without a substantial financial burden. It's a versatile tool that can adapt to your evolving business ideas, making it a wise investment for those exploring new opportunities

MixUp Backlight or Flash: illuminate your moments

No need to buy additional light sources. Use MixUp backlight for impeccable lighting.
Catch attention with RGB lighting from both sides.

3-in-One Booth Design for Maximum Versatility

Seamlessly switch between Surface + Canon or iPad, or iPad + Canon setups.
Cater to diverse event needs with a single, adaptable booth.

buy photo booth mixup for windows
buy photo booth mixup for ipad
buy photo booth mixup for ipad and dslr
Choose your software.
Utilize the powerful Dzen Tech MixUp software for a comprehensive experience.
Integration available for Snappic and other software options.
Tailor your experience to meet your unique event requirements.
Supported models:
Microsoft Surface Pro 7\8\9
with Intel processor (i5\i7 recommended)
Supported models:
iPad Pro 12.9 Gen 3\4\5
iPad Pro 11 Gen 1\2\3
Snappic \ TouchPix or any other apps
DzenTech MixUp app
Any camera you like
Our booth can be used with any camera: DSLR, mirrorless, Gopro, webcam or iPad camera
DSLR & Mirrorless
photo from photo booth MixUP

Excellent quality photos and videos

photo from photo booth MixUP
photo from photo booth MixUP
Elevate your visual experience with high-quality photos and videos.
Ensure every moment is captured in exceptional clarity.
Over 200+ built-in effects
Customers will call you more often, because every time the result will be different
Free overlay collection
A guest wants something unusual? There are many free mov animations available to our MixUp photo booth software users. Check some of them:
Perfect as Catwalk video booth
Unusual photo zone, where the guest can find himself in real time on the carpet, in another city or even in space
Add our Printr stand
Created for the MixUp photo booth, it can be used as a printer case and stand. Also, you can use it as a sharing station.
Capture all heights
Change the angle of the booth to successfully photograph a 2 meter tall basketball player and a five year old girl
Print it!
Connect the printer by cable or wirelessly and print in any format
Mini cooper friendly
Have a small car? Our MixUp photo booth fits in a Mini Cooper. Tested personally)
Business in a box
The access letter will come automatically after the purchase.
Everything is ready for your website and social media: professional photos, videos, music, templates and presentations.
Why MixUp?
Transform your events, captivate your audience, and immerse yourself in a world of visual excellence. Purchase your MixUp Photo Booth today and witness the next level of event entertainment!
  • 1
    Innovation meets versatility:
    • Experience a 3-in-one booth that adapts to your event needs effortlessly.
    • Elevate your event with cutting-edge features and exceptional quality.
  • 2
    Tailored software solutions:
    • Choose from a range of software options to personalize your experience.
    • Dzen Tech MixUp software, Snappic, or other integrations – the choice is yours.
  • 3
    Wireless freedom:
    • Enjoy the freedom of wireless setup, untethered from cables.
    • Set the stage for your event without limitations.
Join the community of professionals
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How much will you earn?
With a background: from $2500.
Event with a chroma key: from $3000
We recommend charging at least $1,500 for a 4-hour event.
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