The best portable iPad photo booth.
The best portable iPad photo booth.
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Are you ready to redefine event photography with the convenience and innovation of the Portable iPad Photo Booth? Look no further – step into a world of versatility, creativity, and effortless setup with this compact marvel by Dzen Tech. Ideal for professional photographers, event enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs seeking a seamless blend of quality and mobility.

portable iPad photo booth

Light and compact

Experience the freedom of mobility with a light and compact design.
Take it with you as hand luggage on the airplane – the ultimate travel companion.
Weight of the photo booth in case is 12 kg (26 lbs). Weight of the top part is 2,2 kg (4,8 lbs)

Effortless 5-minute setup
Say goodbye to complex setups – assemble your iPad Photo Booth in just 5 minutes.
No special tools are required; simplicity meets efficiency.

Versatile usage
Standard photo booth
The roamer booth
Booth fixed on the wall
As a sharing station
Embrace flexibility – use it as a roamer booth, a regular booth, fix it on the wall, or transform it into a sharing station.
Customize your experience to suit the unique dynamics of your event.
Horizontal or Vertical
It takes not more than a minute to flip the booth.
Final result
Masks and filters
Super bright white and RGB backlight
Create a vibrant atmosphere with super bright white and RGB backlight options.
Capture every detail in stunning clarity, even in challenging lighting conditions.
iPad or Surface? Any.
Seamlessly integrate with Snappic or choose your preferred software for a personalized touch.
Enjoy the flexibility of customization that suits your event needs.
Supported models:
iPad Pro 12.9 Gen 3\4\5\6
iPad Pro 11 Gen 1\2\3\4
iPad 10,9" (2022)
Surface Pro 7, 8, 9
Snappic integration. You can also use any other app that you prefer.
Wireless setup
Enjoy the convenience of wireless setup – charge it from a regular power bank.
Set up your booth without being tethered to a power source.

Business in a box
The access letter will come automatically after the purchase.
Everything is ready for your website and social media. We have already prepared professional photos and videos for you.
Who will benefit from the iPad Photo Booth?
Transform your events, captivate your audience, and immerse yourself in the creativity of the Portable iPad Photo Booth. Purchase yours today and redefine the way you capture memories!
  • Event planners
    Event planners, take your events to the next level with the iPad Photo Booth. Its sleek design and versatile capabilities make it a perfect fit for weddings, corporate events, and social gatherings. Offer your clients an interactive experience that goes beyond traditional photo booths, setting your events apart from the rest.
  • Photographers
    Photographers, enhance your services by incorporating the iPad Photo Booth into your repertoire. This innovative photo booth seamlessly integrates with professional cameras, providing an additional layer to your photography packages. Elevate your clients' experiences and capture moments in a way that only Dzen Tech's iPad Photo Booth can deliver.
  • Entrepreneurs
    Aspiring entrepreneurs, the iPad Photo Booth is your ticket to a cost-effective business launch. Dive into entrepreneurship without the financial burden. This portable and user-friendly booth allows you to explore various business models, making it an ideal choice for those stepping into the world of event services.

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