What software do we use with Bullet Time? Other possible solutions and prices.

The software that we use is It has reasonable prices, background removal, AI. Also, we add mov overlays, intro/outro, 3d animations, music in it. The program has a lot of features, which can be confusing at first.

The price depends on camera number. For example, the license for 6 cameras array for 1 event cost 19 USD or 639 USD for the perpetual license (support is included for the first year).

Another popular solution is Breeze.

735 USD for the license for 6 cameras array. They have an email support. There are a lot of guides and users of this software.

You can also check Xangle software. 6 cameras license cost from 499 USD/year. It has a great UI, but support is extra 4000 USD/year.