Add music and branding in 360 software

Adding logo in 360 photo booth app.

You can load all your branding in customization tab. You can find it in a main screen of the app.
Please note that for vertical and horizontal videos you load branding in left column and for square videos you load it in a right column.
Recommended size for 16:9 videos 1920x1080.
Recommended size for 1:1 videos 1080x1080 (you can also load 1920x1080 but it will be cropped to fir 1080x1080).
Please note that if you want to create vertical videos, then you still create your file and then load it as a horizontal file. In the other case you don't see it.
You can use Photoshop, Canva, or to buy prepared templates.
The only thing that you need to load PNG file with a transparent background. In the other case, you won't see people.

Music in 360 photo booth app.

Please use music without copyrights for your videos.
Even if you use some popular tracks, there won't be any restrictions from our side, but Instagram and YouTube may block your account or delete the music.
Check some stocks for music tracks or use our free collection that comes after the purchase.
Example of stocks:

Music starts from the beginning. If you want it to play from some specific moment, then the easiest way to do it is to cut the file.We use
You press "open file", then select your file, cut it as you need and save it.
The new file can be loaded in spinner app-customization -open audio