MixUp Mini Led control

It's cool that you have the best portable photo booth MixUp Mini now.
Let's set up RGB backlight, so it could attract more attention at each event.

If you want to change it using the phone, then you need Magic LED app for it. You can download it for free for iOS and Android.
Please check the video guide about it.

(you can see the big brother of the Mini – photo booth MixUp in the video, but it works the exact same way)

Now let's set the white backlight of the booth.
If you want to use it with Snappic, then choose "Select accessories" and then select your Mini. You can adjust brightness at start screen of the Snappic in accessories settings.
If you want to use some other app, then it's also not a problem.

We can set constant bright light for the whole event using your phone and BLE terminal app.

You can find it for iOS and Android devices.

That's the one that I use.
When you open it, you need to find the booth (named MixUp - followed by some number) and connect to it.

Then, you can adjust the button to the desired setting.

I would recommend renaming the buttons to reflect the corresponding brightness level.

W0010 is a command for 1% brightness, while W0255 is a command for 100% brightness. You can also select any brightness level between these two values.
Don't forget to press "save".

To adjust the brightness of the booth, simply press the button.