MixUp App Update Release

Hello, everyone!
We're pleased to announce a major new update for the MixUp App!

Download link: MixUp Setup

The main features of the update:

  • Selection of photo and video templates for event guests
  • Scene control manager. Customize the lighting for standby and recording scenes.
  • Projects no longer depend on the orientation of the camera.
  • New information elements displayed on the shooting screens: progress bar during recording and frame counter during photo shooting.
  • Animated start screen (upload video as a start screen background).
  • Music playback during video recording.
  • Email address collector for QR sharing
  • Disclaimers for start screen and sharing.
  • Event counters (see in preference window). Check how many photo/video sessions taken, how many photos printed, email sent, qr code used etc...
  • Project export/import added. Share projects quickly and easily.
  • Separate color correction settings for photos and videos.
  • Significantly accelerated video and photo processing. Improved photo quality.
  • The app loads much faster now. Interaction with the interface is now delay-free.

And many other improvements and fixes.

Please watch our video about this update:
Changelog MixUp

All new:
  • Bluetooth scene controller integrated in app! Connect up to 5 devices to use. Set scenes for standby and recording scenes.
  • Allowing guests to choose a photo/video capture template. Up to 12 projects for guests to choose from.
  • Event counters (see in preference window). Check how many photo/video sessions taken, how many photos printed, email sent, qrcode used and etc..
  • Disclaimers for start screen & sharing screen.
  • Collecting email addresses for QR-code sharing.

UI improvement:
  • Awesome new fonts for the user interface.
  • New project window view. The project gallery now shows the covers.
  • The terminal window no longer pops up when running on Windows 11.
  • Smooth operation in the interface, no more delays.
  • Significantly accelerated loading of the app.
  • The loading of projects has been significantly accelerated.
  • Video customization menu: now shows customization files preview.

  • In chromakey, you can now use any camera orientation, regardless of the project.
  • Chromakey processing added for processing via the "Test" button.
  • Fixed errors in processing with chromakey.

Camera & Capture:
  • Webcam capture has been improved. Most webcams are now supported.
  • Added timer for snapshot in the camera setup and chromakey setup screens. You can also take a picture using the wireless presenter (Page Down button).
  • Fixed the operation with the Surface pro's built-in cameras.
  • 5MB autoquality preset added

  • Added export/import of projects. Exchange projects quickly and easily.
  • The ability to shoot with any camera rotation regardless of the orientation of the project.
  • Project covers. Possibility to upload a video for template previews. Photo templates are generated automatically.
  • Separate color correction settings for photos and videos.

  • Videos are archived in their original form only (without chromakey processing).
  • Video and photo processing has been significantly accelerated.
  • The quality of the photo has been significantly improved.
  • The option to copy printed images to an additional folder has been added.

Guest experience:
  • Start screen background video. Upload your video to get animated background on startscreen.
  • The guest screens have been improved. The number of pictures in a session is displayed. A progress bar is displayed during video recording.
  • Added "Cancel" buttons to the guest screens. It is now possible to terminate a session at any time.
  • New select template screen with template preview (photo/video).
  • Added a shutter sound when taking a photo.
  • Added the ability to playback music from the project while recording video.
  • Corrected the countdown settings. Up to 10 seconds can now be set. The setting interface has also been improved and made more user-friendly.
  • Save database to XLS file fixed.