Several templates at 1 event.

How to use several templates at one event using MixUp photo booth app?

You can use up to 12 settings for 1 event. To select the active one, you need to click on the button in a left top corner.
That's how it looks in my app.
I have 5 active projects: these, which are highlighted green.
It's possible to have only photos, only videos, or both to be active in each project. There can be up to 12 projects selected.
For example, in a project "I just wanna have fun-1" I have only photo available. In "Moon Valley" portrait videos and photos are active. In "Between me and you" only portrait video is active.
You can record vertical videos when the camera is set in horizontal position, but the video will be cropped. So I really recommend setting the camera in a right position for your video.
Also, you may notice that I have a project "New Project 2-1" which is not active. It has Landscape video with a chroma key and photo with a Chroma Key.
You can also check if the mode is active in a main screen of the app. For example, in this case, video setting is off and photo is on. Chroma key is on. You can track is using the white circle icon.
So if you want to leave only 1 project for event, then only one project need to be highlighted green. Simply press on it to select or deselect.
It may happen that you can try changing the other project than the one that you decided to select for the event. To avoid this, please check that you have the purple frame around the project that you want to change. That's the one that is currently selected, and if you go to the main screen of the app (using the button in a left top corner) you will be modifying it.

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