MixUp buying guides: camera

You can buy different types of cameras for the MixUp booth.

With Dzen MixUp software you can use some web cams and Canon models without additional devices.

If you want to use some other DSLR model or GoPro, then you need a special video capture device. Not all works, so it's better to text us first.

The most popular models for the photo booth are Canon M50 and Canon 1300 D.

Both camera models will give you the prefect quality, but we prefer M50.

You can check these cameras on , Bestbuy, Ebay.

You also need a cable to connect it to the booth. For 99% of camera models, it's mini usb - USB. 1m is enough.

Also, we recommend buying the dummy battery for your camera model, so you don't have to charge it.