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Settings of sender program.

Main features of Sender program:
- html editor
- The ability to use the gallery from any device connected to the same local network
- Support for sending to email via mail server or Sendgrid service
- Submission queue (to prevent marking as spam and re-sending in case of errors / lack of Internet)
- Automatic creation of previews for the gallery from mp4 files
You can download it here

Video instruction:

Video about creation of the separate QR code for each video and the QR for the gallery with the latest video on TV. Available only in PRO version (cost 500 RUB/month which is about 7 USD/month or just 60 USD/year. Can be purchased on )

Install KSManager. You will be able to use it for updates of the program.
Choose your login and password and press register.

After that you need to fill all field in profile settinds and push send.
Password must be the same as during registration.

After that you can donwload KSSender(the first one in the list). I already have installed one, so I can only update it but you will have button download.

After the program is downloaded, you can close manager and open KSSender.

Choose you folder with mp4(for spinner it's C:Dzentech\Spinner360 VFX\Outputs\DoneMP4) in settings-main-path.
Save settings.

Sender program works with gmail. We recommend to create new account for sending videos.
After that in settings-email-email settings fill
- from(your gmail)
- smtp port must be 587
- mail server
- login is the same email as "from"
- password of your email
- turn on SSL
- press save settings

In settings - email - templates fill your mail subject and a mail text.
In a left top corner choose "The template is used to send from the Sender" (instead of "The template is not used").
Press save template (left top corner).

After that you need to allow Google account to use this app.

Account settings


Alow less secure app access
(if you use two-way identification, turn it off and this window will appear)

Everything is ready.
You can use an html editor, add agreements and use this application unlimited for free.

Web gallery can be opened on any device with a browser connected to the same network as your laptop. You can see the adress of the local site in the program (settings - main-web). On a screenshot it's, for example.

Web carousel is a slide show of all videos taken at the event.

If your emails don't come, then check that the file is less that 25 Mb and you don't have an error "SMTP requires..."

Common mistakes:

1. Videos don't play
Please use any other browser than Mictosoft Edge or Explorer. In Safari, Google Chrome everything will work fine.

2. The SMTP server requires a secure connection...
Please check that you've texted your email's password correctly and you gave a permission in a google account.

3. In a sending queue
If there are a lot of emails in a sending queue, then it's because of the bad internet on event.
Database with all videos and emails is saved on your laptop. You'll just press send all when you'll have an internet connection.

4. I can open the gallery on a laptop but can't open it on a tablet
Please connect your tablet to the same network as your laptop. If they are connected to the same network, then turn off the firewall of the laptop and it'santivirus and it will work.