Guide: vertical videos for insta stories, Tiktok and etc

Have 360 photo video booth from DzenTech but never made vertical videos?

Add it as an additional feature on your next event. Guest will love it.

Check an example of video done by Dzen Tech Spinner 360 software for 360 photo booth.

To make videos like this you need:

1. GoPro Black (you can also use 5, 6, 8, 10, 11 Black).

2. DzenTech Spinner 360 software for 360 photo booth

3. Windows based laptop (better core i7 8Gb SSD)

4. Better to have some video light (Yongnyo yn-360 iii or Dzen Tech triangle light, for example)

Additional: props, smoke machine, glitters, beautiful background, 360 photo booth

3 steps how to make your video:

  1. Lock orientation in your GoPro.

In a GoPro 8 you need to swipe down- press the right bottom button.

On GoPro 7 you need to swipe down-preferences- touch display- Landscape Lock- Up(or Down).

2. In Spinner 360 Dzen Tech software for 360 photobooth -render button- choose to rotate output video 90 deg clockwis.

3. Set effects in a Spinner 360 Dzen Tech software, music and a clip duration.

Better to have audio analyzer turned on. In this case duration of each effect will depends on your music beat and the final video will look like a real clip.

Effects can be selected manaully or randomly. Just activate "mix every time". In this case all videos from event will be different.

This how the branding should look like for these videos.

Size 1920x1080.

Please note that you create a usual horizontal video with turned around branding.

How to fix the camera in a vertical position:

You can use a ball head. Also, if you have our triangle light, then is comes with a vertical adapter for it.

To make vertical videos from 360 photo booth software more simple we prepared several presets with effects.

Just load them in by the "load" button in a main menu of the software and you'll be able to make the same videos.

You'll be able to use your own music, backgrounds and logos.

Please note that we used the same archive video for both examples.

Video 1.

Click to download this preset.

Video 2.

Click to download this preset

Some other examples of videos from 360 photo booth: