Transfer of the license

Please note that we transfer all users who bought the software before March 2022 to the new activation system.

In this guide, you'll find instruction for how to transfer your license and how to check if you need to transfer to the new activation system.

Text version of the guide:

Please open the folder with the program. C:\DzenTech\Spinner360-VFX, for example.

Then find and open License manager (if you don't have it, then you need to transfer to the new activation system).

Select "activate or deactivate". Please note that there is a limit of deactivations — 5 times. After that the software won't be possible to deactivate and activate again.

Press deactivate. Confirm it several times.

Now you can activate the software at your new laptop.

P.S. If you have the old activation system, then please fill info in this form. It takes up to 1 working day to transfer you to the new system. You can download and use the trial version if you need it immediately.