Transfer of Spinner 360 license

You can do it by yourself it 2 minutes. You will need 2 laptops: one with licence and one where you want to transfer. On both laptops should be installed spinner 360 program.

Laptop 1 - laptop with license.

Laptop 2 - where you need to transfer the licence.

1. Install spinner software on a new laptop. You can download it from this folder . Run License Transfer Manager (it's located in c/dzentech/spinner)

Laptop 2(which doesn't have a licence!!!) open transfer license(1 from the screenshot). Click on the three dots and choose where to save the license. Name it. Press collect and save information (3 from the screenshot).

Send this file to laptop 1(by email or any other way).

3. Choose on laptop 1 what license you want to transfer( number 2 on screenshot) by opening transfer license (number 1 on screenshot).

4. In Laptop 1 which has the license

1) Add file from Laptop 2 that we created in "read the recipient".

2)Choose where to save license, name it.(generate the licence).

3)After that press Generate License transfer file

Send this file to the laptop 2(by email or any other way)

5. On Laptop 2 in Apply licence(number 1 on screenshot) file choose the file with licence(that we've created during the previous step) using three dots(number 2). Press Apply Update (number 3).

6.If you see "update written successfully", then everything is fine and licence is transferred.