Spinner 360 photo booth software instruction

Spinner 360 guide

What's new in the program since 25 December 2020:

- effects were changed

- choma key

- hot folder

- possibility to copy files to any folder

- reverse makes a full loop

- test function was changed a little bit

- Some buttons positions were changed

Video instruction for 360 photo booth software:

Small video introduction:

Most common questions:

1. How to change the length of the video?

Move vfx length slider (right - to increast the duration). Also it's possibe to change the number of effects (the red are are the one which are currently chosen) and to change the speed of different parts of the video (can be from fast till slow).

2. How to check recording time and duration of the final video?

In the bottom of main screen of Spinner 360 software you can see the recording timr (rec time), the size of the final video, duration of final clip (out time).

3. How to set up duration of each effect in Spinner 360?

By default the music analyzer is turned on, so it makes the real clip and changes effects according to the beat of your current song. You can turn on manual mode in customization (left bottom corner).

4. How to add my music in 360 photo booth app?

Customization - add audio - choose file on your laptop.

We also have a free collectionof music without copyrights for our clients.

5. How to add a logo in 360 photo video booth software?

In customization - add png. Please note that you have different customization settings for the widescreen video)left column) and for the square one(right column).

For 16:9 better to use 1920x1080 and for the square 1080x1080.

Save it as png with a transparant background.

6. How to change effects?

Click at numbers at the main screen. Number 1 is for the first effect, 2 for the second and etc.

Then you just choose effects from left and right column. You may mix 2 columns or to use effects from only 1 of them.

7. Can I just have a slow motion without effects?

Sure. Just choose "no effect" in all selected effects.

8. How can I make the quality of final video from 360 slow motion booth better?

Check that you have enough light. For this you can check archive video from the camera (c/dzentech/spinner/archive). If the archive video from camera doesn't look good, then set maximum iso 800(gopro-protune)and add more light.

If this video looks good, then let's check your spinner settings.

In a main screen check your video duraion ( 15-25 seconds, 720p, 20 MB optimal) and the size of final clip. If you make 50 seconds clip 10 Mb, then it won't look good. You can change the size of your final video in render tab. You can set the high quality in render compression and check the quality of a new video.

9. What does "mix every time" button do?

When it's turned on (highlighted red), then it will be mixing effects automaticall after each vdieo. So all videos from event will be unique. This button will mix only effects selected in "vfx mixer" tab.

10. What's the hotfolder?

360 software from Dzen Tech can control GoPro only but it can render videos from other cameras too.

In this case you can set all settings that you need and to choose the folder with videos from the other cam (M50, for example). In this case all videos from this folder will be rendered with new settngs 1 by one.

Also this function is very useful when the clent asked to change smt in videos after the event.

Music or logo, for example. Just render all archive videos using this button.

11. Where are the videos from 360 photo booth saved?

Final clips from 360 slow mo booth are saved in c/dzentech/spinner/outputs/donemp4. You can open this folder fast from customization-open output folder.

Also you can add an additional folder for saving videos in render tab.

Archive videos from camera are saved in c/dzentech/spinner/archive

12. What's save and load preset? These 2 functions in spinner 360 software can be useful in case if you want to have several settins saved in advance. For examle, you plan to use 5 differnet combinations of music and effects. If you save the whole project, then you'll be able to change all settings in seconds by hot buttons.

CTRL+1,2,... and etc

Description of all Spinner 360 settings:

360 photo and video booth for sale


720p - at events we recommend this setting.

Aspect ratio

16:9 rectangular.

1:1 square.

Save preset -Saves settings for effects and speed of selected sections or saves a full project with all customization settings, colors, effects and etc.

Load preset - Download presets with effects. Useful not to set the desired sequence every time. Also you can turn on the hot keys and use it for quick change on event.

VFX Mixer

Effects that will be mixed.

Mix every time- If you activate this button (it will be highlighted in red), then for each new video, different sequences of effects from those selected in the VFX Mixer window will be applied.

Hot Folder

Videos from this folder will be rendered automatically with the curent settings. Works with 120 and 240 fps videos.

360 photo and video booth for sale

A list of all effects with the ability to select or remove them. If the daw is, then the effect is selected. The clear all button removes the selection from its effects. Check all - activates all effects. Ok to save and exit the menu.

Mix VXF - A button that mixes effects once. Customization

360 photo and video booth for sale

On the left - horizontal image settings (16:9), on the right 1:1.

Add png overlay - add an image with a transparent background (usually a frame or logo). For 16: 9 it is better to use 1920x1080, for 1: 1 1080x1080 or any other. Also for 1: 1 you can use the same logo as for 16: 9, but the area to the left and right of the center will be cut off.

Add MOV overlay - add video overlay in mov format. However, effects and speed changes will NOT be applied to it.

Add MOV VFX overlay - add video overlay in mov format. At the same time, effects and speed changes will be applied to it.

Add Intro - Add Intro Add Outro - Add Captions

ChromaKey background - video background for chromakey.

Add Audio - add mp3 music. Add fade to audio -add the fade out of music at the end.

Manual VFX Cuts - you can set duration of each part of video by yourself.

Cut VFX to the music -parts of the video will be cut according to your music.

Add reversed video to original - add reverse.

Intro - video transition - select the transition effect from the introduction to the main video

Outro - video transition - select the transition effect from the main video to the titles VFX

Cuts Transitions - Transition Between Effects

Test -test button for checking settings without connecting a camera and platform. Y

Color Correction Settings

On the left is the original image, on the right is the result. It is recommended to adjust after installing light at event. Our standards are not shown on the screenshot below.

360 photo and video booth for sale


360 photo and video booth for sale


720p - at events we recommend this setting.

Aspect ratio

16:9 rectangular.

1:1 square.

Rotate Output video - Flip the result video. Useful when you want to make vertical videos for TikTok.

Render Compression - It is recommended to use high.

Render Quality - At events, Medium is recommended.

Auto quality - If you activate this function, you can select the size of the resulting file. In conditions of poor Internet, we use 10 MB. Normally we use 20 Mb.

Show (play) result - play the result after shooting

Hardware acceleration - settings for hardware acceleration. Standard CPUs. If after changing these parameters processing does not work for you, then return the CPU.


360 photo and video booth for sale

Setup Gopro - choose a GoPro model to see instruction how to connect your camera model.

Use hotkey - Use hotkeys. Leave this checkbox active if you want the presenter to work.

Auto connect - check the box and enter the name of the camera and its password. Note that it's case sensitive.

GoPro FPS. The number of frames per second. At events, we recommend putting 120. Gopro fov GoPro camera angle. You no longer need to go into the camera settings - just change this in the program. Platform

360 photo and video booth for sale

Auto start Record - turn it on is you want to start spinning and recording with 1 button. It's better to choose record delay 3 sec for video to be smooth.

Use hotkey - platform hotkeys. Leave this checkbox active if you want the presenter to work. Auto connect COM name, Number - automatic connection by port number or name.

Rotation speed - rotation speed. At events, about 50% is recommended.

Start / stop - start / stop rotation. Ok - save and exit the menu. Record Recording start button (stops automatically).

Start Start of rotation (stops automatically when the recording is finished). Effect selection window:

360 photo and video booth for sale

Combine the effects from column 1 with the effects from 2 columns to get fancy combinations. The right speed bar is responsible for the speed of the selected section of the video. The previous button will return you to the previous effect, and the next button will switch to the next effect. The preview button activates viewing the full version of the effect (takes time). The Ok button will save the settings and exit the menu.