Outdoors shooting with Spinner 360.

Check list for outdoors shooting with Spinner 360 photo video booth:

UPS for Spinner 360 photo video booth

Uninterruptible Power Supplies can be diferent.

It will be needed fo charging the platform and a laptop.

With our small office UPS platform spins about 5 hours.

You can check timelapse in our instagram.

It works like the battery or smt like this.

You can find it on amazon (don't look at thi spicture. It can really be any).

Connection to the camera and it's settings.

When you make a promo shooting, I recommend not to connect your GoPro to the spinner app. It will be easier to use GoPro app on your phone and to render videos in the office.

Don't waste time and power supply energy on it.

You connect from your mobile phone GoPro app to the camera, record 5-10 seconds clips. You can check the preview of it in your phone.

I really recommend to set maximum ISO not more than 800 in a GoPro Protune settings. In this case your videos will have better quality than when it's automatic.

Check how to make it:

I recommend to prepare everything in advance bacuse you have limited time.

Especially when you shoot inthe cold time of year. It's stressful not only for models, but for equipment too.

Wen we made this shooting it was 271 K and rather windy. When it's cold outside it's the only time when I recommend to use the battery inside of the GoPro.

360 photo video booth outdoors shooting.
Spinner 360 outdoors shooting in March 2021.

I usully try to hide using trees around) That's also where I place UPS and a laptop. Basically it's also possible to use Anroid phone for controlling 360 platform (there' s guide available for it) but I've just get used to the laptop and a remote.

Files transfer.

To transfer videos to your laptop you can use a card reader. Copy videos to some folder on your laptop. For example, C/Desktop/shooting

Rendering videos

Then open Spinner 360 software from Dzen Tech.

Please note that you don't need to connect the platformor camera, that's why you see "COM not found"(platform not connected) and "GoPro is not connected".

Set all settings that you need (effects, music and etc).

Then you need Hot Folder function in a left bottom corner. Click on button "activate".

Then choose the folder with your videos. In my case it's C/Desktop/shooting

All videos will be rendered one by one with your settings and saved in C/Dzentech/Spinner/outputs/donemp4.

You can also add other folder for saving videos in a Render tab.

If you need to stop rendering press stop. If you need to pause it, then press Pause.

If you want to render only 1 video, ten it's easier to use a test button in customization for it.

Check our final video:

Good luck on your outdoors shooting)

Don't forget to check our guide about controlling your platform by Android phones.