GoPro Connection Guide

Spinner 360 can work with GoPro 5, 6, 7, 8 Black.

3 basic steps for Spinner 360 to work properly:

For GoPro 5, 6, 7 Black:

1. Update the Wi-Fi drivers for your laptop

2. In the Spinner app go to "GoPro" menu, input "Camera Name" and "Password" of your camera, turn on autoconnect.

Swipe down - Preferences - Connections - Connect device - GoPro app - i (right top corner)

Please note that both fields are case sensitive. For example, if you text the name "Dzentech hero 8" instead of "DzenTech HERO8" it won't connect.

3. If the camera doesn't connect, switch to 2.4Ghz in the settings of GoPro, as shown in the video below.

GoPro HERO8 connection guide:

Does your GoPro lose Wi-Fi connection with the laptop?

This is a common problem, since the camera overheats during prolonged operation (interruptions begin after about an hour of active shooting).

There are 2 solutions to the problem:

Buy a bunch of GoPro batteries and change them (do not recommended. It's expensive, take time and it is difficult to work for a long at events).

Buy an external charger (for example, Xiaomi 20000 mAh) and a hight quality cable. The camera should work only from it. Native battery must be obtained (our recommendation).

IMPORTANT! Poor quality Chinese cables can cause interruptions in connection. If the camera is connected to an external battery, it charges, but does not connect via Wi-Fi, try to replace the cable with another high quality cable.

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