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MixUp troubleshooting: camera

Camera troubleshooting.

  1. You don't see the preview in MixUp app - camera.
In this case, please check that you have the correct camera model selected. (web cam or DSLR).
If you use NOT Canon or NOT recommended webcam models, then please text us to check your video capture device. 
If you still don't see the preview, then please check that your camera is turned on, and you can see preview in your camera.
  1. 2. Your final video looks faster that it should be and your recording took much more time than it should.
Please reconnect the cable coming to the USB of the booth to the other USB port and check it. If it doesn't help, then check if there are some other programs running that may interrupt the work of the software and use resources of your laptop.
This error occurs when your camera records at less than 30 FPS. 
If you still have this error, try to connect the camera directly to the surface. If it works fine, then it may happen that there is a problem with the cable inside the booth. Please text us for help.