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PBX discounts until 25th February!

How to install a camera in the MixUp photo booth?

You can use any DSLR camera with the Mixup Photo Booth.

In case you use our MixUp software, you can use any Canon camera or webcam that can record at 30 fps. We mostly use M50.

Also, it's possible to use Sony, etc with a video capture device.

Don't forget to turn on the camera and to set it in M mode and to insert the memory card. Check that it saves JPEGs (not RAW).

If you plan using the flash, then also turn on the flash function.

Our favorite settings for the camera in a MixUp software
Shutter speed 1/100
Aperture 3.5
ISO we usually set 800 (decrease it if it's too bright)
Temperature we set about 4800 (can be increased if the picture is too blue or decreased if it's too yellow).

You can also use other cameras by connecting them through a special video capture (check this guide).

Note that in our software you can work with flash only in case if you use Canon cameras.

If your camera doesn't fit, then check this guide.

That's the guide about how to set all cables inside the booth.
We recommend using the fake battery. It will be different for different camera models.
You also need a cable to connect the camera to USB port of the booth.