Bullet Time trigger. Триггер для Буллет Тайм


"POWER TRIGGER" designed for an accurate camera synchronization.

You can also power up the cameras and create "boomerangs" with it. 

Trigger for Bullet Time array
photo booth.



Freeze time and make an impression that everyone are floating on the picture. This is possible with simultaneous capture from all angles using trigger for bullet time

tech specs

Connectors on trigger box:

  •  6x jack 3.5 for camera synchronization  

  •  1x jack 3.5 for external photo remote control (input)  

  •  1x (AUX) jack 3.5 (can be used for strobe light)  

  •  6x Camera Power Connectors  

  •  1x miniUSB - for working with a computer (only the first trigger is connected)  

  •  2x Ethernet (in \ out) - connecting triggers to each other  

  •  2x 12V * Power Connectors (Power can be connected right through from trigger to trigger)

main functions:

  •  Full camera synchronization (Freeze | Bullet time)  

  •  Boomerang (sequential triggering of cameras)  

  •  Setting delays for boomerang |  1 millisecond step  

  •  Power cameras from the trigger | Power management via trigger (on / off)

  •  Setting real-time delays on all connected triggers  

  •  Shooting with remote control  

  •  Switching the Bullet \ Boomerang modes through the camera remote controller  

  •  Setting the delay for the operation of the strobe light | 100 microsecond step  

  •  Working with Bulb mode (for light painting)

  •  Open protocol (API) for developers

 Trigger Box dimensions:

 130x88x31 mm 

Bullet Time trigger system. Триггер для Буллет Тайм.



  • Power Trigger Box for 6 cameras

  • Power adapters for cameras (for Canon 1100,1200,1300 or 2000 D)

  • Sync cables for cameras

  • Trigger power cable

  • Mini USB cable

  • Ethernet cable 

  • Software to configure the trigger

350 USD


You'll need only 1 power adapter for up to 3 trigger boxes.​

70 USD

how to count what you'll need:

We recommend to use 1 trigger in each section of your array.

So if you have 3 section with 4 cameras in each, then you'll need 3 triggers and 1 power supply.

If you have 2 sections with 6 cameras in each, then you'll need 2 triggers and 1 power supply.

If you have 7 cameras array, then you need 2 triggers and 1 power supply.

*Please note that delivery is not included in price. It's usually 40-80 USD for 2 triggers and 1 power supply.



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