Triangle light

Triangle light doesn't have it's own battery inside, so you don't need to charge it. On event it's possible just to change the power bank and to continiue your event.

Triangle light for Spinner 360 photo booth.

Main features of the light:

  • Super light (about 1,3 lbs)

  • 2 modes: can turn off when it's not spinning and can be turned on all the time.

  • You can charge the GoPro or phone using USB in it

  • Can be used with any platform

  • Charged from the power bank.

  • You can change the agle of it easily.

Check the video of our Triangle light for 360 photo video booth:

There are 2 modes: I when the light is turned on all the time, II when the light is turned on only when it spins. O when it's turned off.

What you'll need o work with it:

1. You need to use original GoPro wire to connect it to the USB of the light.

2. You'll need a cable to charge it from the power bank.

It should be a type c power delivery cable 60w 7ft.


Version 1

More cables

Port for type-c wire + buttons for turning it on and using difefrent modes.

3. Power banks should be 12V, 3A. Check power banks that's gonna work with it:

Power bank 1

Power bank 2

This is how the USB port for your GoPro wire looks like.

NOTE! Don't forget to take the battery from the GoPro. Then use original GoPro wire to connect to the USB of the triangle Dzen light.

In this case it will work more stable than with the battery inside and won't be overheated.

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