International air delivery.

You can choose cargo or EMS shipping. EMS usually takes about a 2-4 weeks and it's a delivery till doors.

International delivery by cargo usually takes 2-7 days but you'll need to pick it up in the airport.

Before shipping your equipment will be packed in additional fumigated box.

After that the flight will be booked and equipment will passing russian customs(works mon-fri).

Usually packing and passing customs takes 2-3 days.

You will have 2 documents: invoice and awb.

This is example of AWB:

1. This is your tracking number

2. This is a name of shipping company. You can find check tracking site by the name of company. Turkish airlines cargo tracking

3. This is information about reciever. Your name, surname and contact phone number.

4. Field for the name of russian logistic company

5. Code of destination airport

6. Weight in fumigated box

7. Date of flight booking

When equipment arrives to your city, you will need to go to the customs and pay incoming tax(depends on your city and declared price). Usually about 35$.

We can declare any price that you want. But let us know this information before shipping.

After that you can go to the airport and pick up your equipment.

That's really easy and fast.

We hope that you will enoy your new equpment and earn plenty of money.

Our main idea is to make the market of photo booths more interesting. We don't want to make simple things that everyone have already seen million times.

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