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MixUp App Update Release

Hello, everyone!
We're pleased to announce a new update for the MixUp App!

(NEW) Video VFX collection window
We've made a more user-friendly interface for the effects suite. There is a preview for each effect and transition. And also now you can put up to 5 effects per cut.

We added colour correction effects as video effects, look for them in the effects section.
(NEW) Hotfolder feature
We made Hotfolder for processing third party files (only .mp4 format). You can now process video from other programs using presets created in our awesome video editor. While the Hotfolder is running you can open the gallery and share your guest content instantly.

Download link: MixUp Setup

Please watch our video about this update:
The main features of the update:

  • (New) Video effects and transitions gallery in the video editor
  • (New) Color correction effects as video effects
  • (New) Hot folder for processing external video files of the selected project (works only with .mp4 files)
  • When creating a new project, standard music is now included instantly
  • Returned "add icon" in the projects window (for creating and importing projects)
  • A collection of free music has been added (when you click on the button to load music, a folder with the collection will open).
  • Chromakey render issues fixed
  • Fixed email base export for QR codes
  • Added scale parameter for printing
  • Multiple files can now be selected via the print test
  • New templates for still images were added
  • Faster video processing and customization files upload
  • License backup has been added. This will give the possibility to restore the licence after unauthorised changes to the registry.