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How to connect DSLR camera to iPad?

How to connect DSLR camera to iPad in photo booth MixUp?

In this video we use USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter. You can buy it at Apple Store.
You need it to stay connected to the camera and socket at the same time.
Connect the USB of the booth to this adapter and type-c to your iPad.
USB cable inside the booth comes to the USB hub inside to which you can connect up to 3 devices.

Then you install the camera and connect all cables from it.
We use Canon M50 in this video, so it's USB - mini-usb cable to trigger the camera and also the fake battery for M50.
Fake battery is really recommended, so you don't have to change batteries at event.
Most probably, you need to charge 2 devices: camera and iPad.
Just search for the charger with several ports.
So the power cable will come from the digital AV adapter to the wall charger.
And the second cord will be from camera to the wall charger.
And you are ready to go.