We sell and give for rent unique 

 interactive installations , photobooths, 

 photostudios for events, 

 exhibitions and summer festivals. 


 We create things that surprise people. 

 The knowledge of new technologies helps us in our desire to create something that no one has ever done before.

Our creations respond to your actions. They recognize you, make you a part of what is happening around, awake your excitement and help you to share your emotions with your friends.


What else will you need for work? 

1. Router with sim card or wi-fi adapter (for sharing on events. Wi-fi connection will be taken by GoPro)

2. GoPro. We recommend to use GoPro7 Black because the downloading speed is highter, but program also can work with Gopro 5,6 and 8 Black. Also you will need memory card (you can use any. Videos will be deleting automatically after downloading).

3. Light. You can use LED columns, videolight or ring light(we use Yangnuo YN360 III 5500K now).

4. Battery for GoPro. We recommend Xiaomi 20000 mAh(there is special place on spinner for it). And check that wire is good.

5. Laptop( Core i7 8Gb SSD recommended)

6. Not needed but recommended: Ipad or smt like this. Gallery can work on any device with browser. It's much more easy to use Ipad than to send pictures from laptop.