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How to control LED of the Bullet time?

Download Daslight app. Please use this link only. In the other case, it won't work. If you already have some other Daslight version, then you still need to reinstall it.

Installation is super easy. You just click "next".

You can create your own custom scenes using YouTube guides about Daslight or to use one of our scenes. Download.

Press File-open-select Bullet.dlm file that you've downloaded before.

Now in "LIVE" you can select any scene you want. Blackout scene will turn off the LED.

If LED colors don't change, then please check that you have drivers installed(CP210x Windows Drivers). Download, install and check again. It may be needed to restart the laptop and Daslight and to reconnect USB cable.

In Edit-Prefences we recommend selecting "Load the last file" so you don't have to add scenes every time you start the app.