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Spinner360 Platform Control via Android Phone


In this guide we will show you how to controll "DZEN TECH Spinner360" Platform with android phone.

This might be helpful if you need to Start\Stop or change speed of platform without laptop and original app connection.

What you need for this:

  1. Any android phone (we tested it on Xiaomi MI A3)
  2. USB-OTG adapter for your android phone (check which USB type on your phone).
  3. Serial USB Terminal app for android:
  4. Configuration file for app:

How connect your phone to platform:

  1. Download app on your phone with link below.
  2. Download "Configuration File" on your phone with link below.
  3. Connect platform to phone with USB-OTG adapter (you can use usb extender cable as well). Don't forget to power up the platform.
  4. Run "Serial USB Terminal" app.
  5. Tap on "3 dots on top right corner" --> "Configurtion" --> "Import".
  6. Choose downloaded "Configuration file".
  7. Tap on "Connect" icon on top of the app.
  8. If you see "Connected to CP210x device" - then your phone connected to platform and ready to control.

In the bottom of app you will see 6 buttons:

Start/Stop - with this button you can start and stop platform.

20/40/60/80% - set rotating speed.

Stop - this button only can stop platform.

All set! Now you can control platform with your phone.

Thank you!

PS, here is link to amazon for USB-OTG adapters: