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How to create smooth clips with your 360 photo booth?

1. Do not start shooting from the beginning of the movement, but when the stick accelerates. We recommend waiting 3-5 seconds from the start of spinning.

2. Turn off GoPro stabilization. Yes, this is no joke. GoPro goes crazy during rotation, and the final video with stabilization turned on looks much more shaky than without it.

Check the video taken with the GoPro 11 Black.

On the top video, the stabilization is off. On the lower video, it is on.

3. Be sure to fix the power bank only at the bottom of the stick. Not in the middle of the stick, and certainly not at the top. The less weight on it, the smoother the video will be. Ideally, only fix GoPro. You can also use our Triangle light and camera.

4. Ideally, do not use abrupt transitions from very slow to very fast video. This looks unusual to the human eye, which can also cause the video to feel twitchy.

5. Check that your stick is not bent .

This could be due to someone stepping on the stick.

This is easy to check - start spinning and check for unusual noises. You can also check if there are any paint scuffs on the internal parts. The highest part of the inner rigging of the platform is above the motor (the black square box).

This is easy to fix by following this guide.