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All spare things that you may need for the 360 photo booth

M6 x 60 thumbscrews( M6 x 50 is also fine).

These thumbscrews are used to secure the stick to the platform.


Used for changing the angle of the stick

Belt pulley gt2 6mm, 16 teeth, 5mm bore, height (total) 14mm.

Used for the belt fixation.

Link for amazon (or this).

Power cable 3m.

Cable from platform to the laptop. It's the cable USB type A - USB type A 3m (male-female)

Portable Power Bank that fits under the platform.

Wheels for the soft case on amazon

Hot Shoe to ¼ Adapter to connect the GoPro

Hard case in USA

The top part of the stick

The wire that goes from the controller to the USB, which is then inserted into the laptop.

Mini USB - USB A (male) 0.5m. You can also use the longer version to connect directly from the controller to the laptop.

Hexagon Key Wrench Set

This kit comes in handy in case you need to tighten or replace the belt pulley.

Socket wrench set (8mm, 17mm).


It comes in handy if you want to disassemble the platform into two parts.

Belt GT 2 6mm Width 1524mm Link