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Bluetooth doesn't work

Can't connect to the booth by bluetooth?

  1. Please check that your platform supports Bluetooth (you bought it after August 2022, or you have changed the controller).
  2. If you could connect to the platform by Bluetooth before, then try to unplug the platform, wait for 5 seconds and plug it back.
  3. You can also use our mobile app Dzen Tech Spinner 360 for android and iPhone to check it. You can download it for free in google and Apple Store.
  4. If you can connect to the booth by phone, but can't connect by laptop, then try to turn off the Bluetooth at your laptop and turn it on again. Check that you have a Dzen Scene Controller running (you can found it in www.dzentech.storre/download).

Is the platform losing the connection?

Please install the latest Bluetooth drivers for your laptop.
You can use this link to check it.
Don't forget to restart your laptop.
In case if you still have the problem with the connection, please connect the platform by cable and text us.
If there are a lot of people and devices around, then it may interrupt the connection.
We've used the platform connected by Bluetooth without any issues at PBX 2023.