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The Triangle light doesn't turn on

Please check that you have correct power bank and cable.

Power bank needs to have 12V 3A type-c output. If it's 15V/1,5A, 12V/1,5A, 20V/3A, then it won't work. It may turn on for some time, but then it won't work properly.

The cable needs to support fast charging and to have type-c on both ends.

Link to the separate guide with all links.

There is no battery inside the light, so it needs to be connected to the power bank all the time.

Also, please check that you have turned on the light and power bank (mode I or II).

Please note that when you use a mode II, then the light turns on only when it's spinning.

If you have the correct cable and power bank, then please text to our support team with links to your power bank, cable and a video of how you turn on the light.